Coming along

Sorry things have been a bit hectic with work, projects and socialising. Got a few more things for the house, it’s all shaping nicely.

I’m doing pretty well in terms of keeping myself fed. The fridge is surprisingly better stocked than I had projected at the start. I have bacon, ham, salami and lots of leaves and carrots. I just discovered that I don’t just like carrots, I FUCKING love them. There’s something captivating about the texture, colour and they’re just so damn crunchy. I might be addicted. That’s pretty much what I’ve been bringing to the design job. They’ve got an awesome kitchen that has state of the art EVERYTHING. So it’s a pleasure to “make” lunch there. Everyone’s commented on how “healthy” my lunches have been. I’ve been eating a lot of lettuce, carrots, tuna, slices of cheese and have that with tea. Sometimes I’ll chuck in some leftover snags or pieces of beef burger from the night before. It’s all pretty filling. I guess it is healthy, but it’s all I fucking know how to make for now haha. Tomorrow I’m going to change things up a bit and will attempt to make myself a croque monsieur. Hopefully I don’t burn anything down. I’ve already spilled tea on my desk, mouse and keyboard there so far. Thank god for quick thinking colleagues.

At home, I haven’t exactly come away unscathed either. I nearly burned my face off the other night when I got overzealous with the cooking spray. And earlier I nearly sliced my thumb off while slicing up my carrots. I need a better knife so I’m not struggling so hard to chop stuff. Stupid cheap knife with a silly serrated edge. But it’s IKEA! I was in the middle of cooking up a storm and the wound didn’t seem too bad so I kept going. Then the blood started to come out. I tried to apply pressure with a tea towel in between turning over my bacon and cooking my rice and preparing my lunch for tomorrow, so I was dropping blood on my bacon in the pan, it was on my egg and I was getting my salad bloody. What a mess haha.

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