Hi hi July

So. Just a quick run through for now:

1. Need to get photos of the new place done.

2. Need to sort out gas connection (or I’ll leave it till we get the bill)

3. Need to get more stuff done around the house.

4. Need to get on to schoolwork.

5. Need to get visa requirements done.

6. Need to be more invisible to certain people. This warrants a long discussion. I have already had a chat with some friends and it’s been good advice. Ms B’s one has been particularly helpful and appeals to my “too-understanding-too-nice=doormat” personality. Basically she says, “as soon as you feel the slightest bit uncomfortable, take your cue from that, leave and go home. Explain on the phone if you must.” I absolutely love the genius of this suggestion, it never occurred to me to just simply leave. I always think it’ll be rude. But the challenge is to do it nicely and courteously. It’s a tall order but I’m certainly up to it! In my head I get up mid-sentence! Ahh to be able to do that. Comical. It should probably be more like “talking talking he’s holding my hand, maybe he’ll stop, no now he’s touching my shoulder, keep talking and don’t move maybe he’ll get the point and see you’re indifferent, uh oh he’s moved onto rubbing my back – hey what’s this? I think I feel uncomfortable and now it’s awkward– Ok well it’s been great catching up, see ya later”. It’s gold!

7. Need to start a new series in this blog. Inject a bit of life into it. With pictures, of course. I reckon I have a lot of stories to tell about living in Richmond. I’ve already had a few interesting encounters. So that and cooking, photomagraphing and going out to see the nightlife in this neighbourhood. Hello, Richmond. I am your valentine for the next 12 months.

Ok gotta get to sleep now, I’ll get onto outlining for the series tomorrow. I will make time for my little side projects.

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