Kickin’ it Sunday

So I’m surviving my week on my own, better than I’d expected actually. I’ve been keeping myself fed most of the time, can’t complain. I had a big brunch of pancakes with oozing honey, brown sugar, cheese and a dab of lemon. And a side of bacon. All washed down with a tall mug of Dilmah with milk and honey. Sounds a bit full on, you say? You betcha. It was delicious and the pancakes were golden brown beautiful. I’ve even started flipping them successfully. I think cooking’s going to be the next challenge in the coming months. I CANNOT wait.

So yeah. I saw all of Day 2’s matches, granted I had to watch the Eng v USA one on replay earlier this morning. I was already struggling by the end of the Arg v Nig match but I’m glad I tough it out. I really want to watch the Socceroos take on Germany at half past 4 tomorrow but I have work at 8… I may just sleep early and set an alarm. Not sure what to do. And I’ve run out of beer.

As far as tidying is concerned, the lounge room’s been vacuumed, clean laundry folded, the kitchen floor’s been mopped, the pots and pans washed, the stove cleaned of grease, bins emptied and my room’s back to a manageable state. I even changed the sheets. Yeh boi, I’m on top of things.

I’m down to batch 3 of laundry but have had to put that on hold since we’ve run out of detergent. And I even noted it on the Grocery List. Eggs and milk too.

So now I got Nat Geo on mute at the moment cos I’m working on adding sounds to my 2nd animation and will be studying for my marketing exam a bit later on. Just listening to some subtle dubstep and am just generally kickin’ it at home. Will try to get on to a bit of packing for next weekend’s move later on.

This is Sunday awesome Sunday.

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