Hey June

It’s 1:50 at the moment and I’m in bed, definitely one of my earlier nights. I got a bit of work done. Not bad, considering I went for drinks with BP, Kippah and HBC after marketing class. Not bad at all. Not doing too badly this week actually. Going through the list of things to do fairly steadily. Well, if you don’t count studying for the marketing exam next week.

On school: I don’t want to jinx myself, but I have to say I’ve done pretty well staying on top of everything. The 2 HTML/CSS websites are getting there, one is pretty much done, the other has 2 more sections that needs to be populated. A few more quiet hours this weekend should sort that out just fine. I’m making a lot of progress on the animations. The third one may have to be done over the holidays and the lecturer already said she doesn’t mind. But I’ll still try to nail that before the break, but there’s a lot less pressure on that now. I’ve started the Flash website, which is good, because there is so much left to be done on that. I started working on a slideshow and that took about 3 hours because I was still trying to get my head around it. By the end of it, it wasn’t even done properly. It’s the learning that’s so time-consuming.

On home: We got an offer yesterday and today we signed the lease! 12 months! We move in next Saturday! I’ll probably move in bit by bit, I need to get projects out of the way first. But yeah I should start packing! I need a bed! I need a TV! Some World Cup evenings are muchly needed! OMG!

We’ll be living in Richmond (where the A is), 1 train stop to Flinders, less than 15 mins on the tram, close to MCG, to shops, to bars, to EVERYTHING, how good is that?? IKEA is a few metres away on our street. We could buy stuff and WALK home. Life is over.

A massive housewarming is in the works.

Ok I had wanted to go on about a few other things in this post but I’m falling asleep. I do have an early start tomorrow so I probably shouldn’t loiter on here too long.

Oh yeah! This is my second night alone in this house! Sister, brother and baby are away on holiday for a week. It’s a bit creepy with all the creaky sounds at night but all in all, I’m doing alright. I’ve been keeping myself fed and happy. Tonight I made myself a cheese and mushroom omelette, which I had with the toast I left on the table this morning. I reheated it in the oven and it was alright hehe. Last night I had leftover yummy chicken, some corn and carrots, a few pieces of eggplant and a couple of celebratory beers to formalise the end of the dreadful househunt. That’s right bitches, I stocked up. Oh and I made my first aioli sauce to go with the chicken. It was GOOD.

So yeah it’s been alright, not lonely at all as I’d feared. I do some tidying up and listen to music at high volume, drink tea, work on my projects while listening to the news, walk around naked but not for too long because it’s so cold these days. Good good.

Though I did notice that I’m very paranoid about leaving my keys at home when I head out. I tend to do that. Imagine coming home and finding myself locked out and having nowhere to go! The weather drops to unspeakable lows at night. And it rains. And the wind picks up. Terrible terrible thing. I just need to make sure I DON’T EVER FORGET.

So yeah it’s been pretty awesome. Now I just need to hear from that company I went to interview for last week (kinda steeling myself for disappointment though, cos if they were convinced that I’m the right person for the role, they wouldn’t take this long to decide but fingers still crossed) and I’ll be sorted!

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