Baby’s day out

My sister, the baby and I went to the city on Sunday afternoon. We drove to the station and took the train into town. It was Ethan’s first time on the train; he was quiet the entire ride but his eyes were wide as saucers, just trying to process his surroundings. Adorable.

There were a few things going on in the city as per usual and we spent a nice leisurely afternoon. It was a beautifully crisp and sunny day too so it was an excellent Sunday, despite me not doing any schoolwork. I felt slightly guilty but also relieved. I didn’t realise how badly in need I was of a break. I did do a bit of work when I got home though so it wasn’t too bad. But mostly I played with the new photos I took earlier. Naughty naughty. I brought the camera so at least it made me feel like I was learning something new. I have issues, I know.

The following two photos were taken from a café inside the GPO building. This is one of the cafés that make coffees I like. I had a yummy salmon sandwich with my coffee.

This one is of the café’s tables on the street. I just swiveled in my seat to take it. That guy gulping his coffee down behind the steel pole is kind of ruining this shot.

This next one of an alley is Hosier Lane taken from across Fed’s Square. I’ve tried to eat at Movida twice before (on separate occasions) but both times they were packed, my friends and I couldn’t even sit at the bar cos people had decided to dine there. Ugh. Then I went to Movida Next Door another time and I still couldn’t get a table. Misty is right next to it, it’s a bar I used to frequent back when I had a social life.

That building on the right hand side is the Forum Theatre, where I hollered and waved at Quentin Tarantino when he was here to promote Inglourious Basterds. I like to think that he saw me.

We walked to Fed Square because my sister wanted to check out the Emerging Writers’ Festival. Small event, just lots of tables with books of newly published authors (pics to follow). Nearly bought a cute graphic novel cos it was only $5 and I felt duty-bound to support the arts but I wasn’t feeling it. In retrospect, I’m thinking maybe I should have bought it.

Oh yeah, we went to the library to check a few books and cds out before heading on to the writers’ thing. It was the baby’s first time in the library as well and my sister thought he should have a photo to remember it by. So silly. Photo came out a bit better than expected so I played with it a bit.

The original’s on the left. I tweaked the photograph on the right sorta-kinda HDR-style. Hehe it’s a lot of fun….and I know I should be working on my projects but my obsessive nature is getting the better of me.

This should be enough for now till I actually have the time to post stuff. 4 weeks to go before the break… and to get on facebook. I shiver in anticipation. It’s been so long. In the meantime, the zombie life continues.

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