May Day!

So I’ve got just under an hour left to go at work. There were a few shifts available this weekend and as painful as my school timetable is at the moment, I figured I could squeeze in afternoon work. Why not? I’m pretty much a zombie anyway, might as well get paid for a few hours. I stayed up till 3 last night to knock off 1 of the things due next Tuesday.

I know this post is earlier than usual but I’m way ahead of schedule with the work here and I don’t actually have to do any more of it. Anyway there’s no one around to make me do more work. Who comes into the office on a Saturday anyway? Actually it feels a little creepy being here all alone, clacking away at my desk. Aaaanyway.

So this month is going by at lightning speed, in fact, I hardly remember May starting!

I have nothing interesting to report because I haven’t done anything BUT schoolwork for the past…oh I dunno, two months now?? I don’t even think I have any more friends now. And facebook’s being annoying sending me emails to log on because people are waiting to interact with me. Weirdo. But having said that, I do miss my thread commentary activities. I actually sat next to my sister while she was on her account, because I wanted to know what was going on with the community there.

Ugh I just realised that I’m a loser.

I spend night after night, either researching, sketching, working on layouts, choosing the right PMS colour or making sense of divs. That’s my life right now. The embarrassing thing is that I enjoy all of it. I mean, sure, I miss having a beer and socialising and just chatting and laughing and going to festivals.. but this is just as fun, if not more. I spend hours working on my computer at night, toiling away on what needs to get done. I got told off by Manu (yeah for some reason he messaged me on Skype when I was online about a week ago) and he said, and not without a large dose of condescension, “I realise Chris that one will always be busy in life… You have to reassess what’s important to you and you need to make time to enjoy life..otherwise it will just pass you by.” What a douche. He’s just confused by my lack of interest in anything he does. I should have said, well I don’t enjoy talking to you, get out of my life. I don’t know why I feel like I have to be nice. I always think people have issues and I should try to be a friend to everyone. I have to learn that sometimes, no matter how deep you dig, the good person that I always think is in people is just not there.

So yeah, night after night I sit in the living room with the heater off in 6c weather and I don’t even notice how close to frostbite I am until I get up to go to bed. I realise I can’t move my muscles because they’re frozen. I always think my fingers are just tired when I flex them and they feel stiff and numb.

Good news is that I got 1 of the major projects (they’re all major projects apparently) out of the way a few days ago. That Roller Skating site I’ve been whinging about. I’m putting that bitch to sleep! I started out with a decent enough design on it, nothing mindblowing.. but as time went by, I had to make sure the site was functional.. so the quality of the design degraded over time and now.. well it’s just functional. Haha.

Oh and I am slowly working on populating this blog with more photos than words… I’ve been good at clicking away at stuff, I just need to get on resizing them and uploading them on here.

Ok I suppose that’s enough faffing for now. I’ll be out of here soon!

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  1. Idea says:

    too much going on.. and you say it’s boring.. well imagine me sitting and traying to come up with weird stuff.. yes this is my life << summer break and every one is out of town.. anyhooz… socializing isn't that important <>
    btw..sorry if i missed some of you posts but what is that you do that makes you saty up till 3?!!!

    p.s. watch out for those night-office ninjas.. they are dangerous << haha.. not funny!

    lool nice post..

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