Here we go again

Nothing much to report except that I’ve been busy getting back into school after spending 5 days at the beach. The 5 days at the beach were a little bit more eventful than I’d expected, I’ll have to get into that another time (I have a feeling I’ve said this countless times before..). Ok fine, I’ll get into it now.

In a nutshell, Byron Bay was awesome and breathtaking, the hostel was lovely and next door to an even lovelier live music venue/brewery. They brewed something called the Byron Bay beer. Gotta have Byron in Byron, that was pretty much all I had in terms of drinkies. Oh and the free jam jar and Carlton Draught I got at a kiddie nightclub, and by kiddie, I mean teenage, because the bartender got confused because some punk, and by punk I mean drunk, girl grabbed the $20 I had in my hand to pay for her own drinks. I was too stunned to even react. In any case, he cracked it and told her off, grabbed the money back, gave it to me then gave me the drinks I asked for in the first place. Except I’d only asked for the beer. That was a silly night.

Oh it was further spiced up by a frangipani-giving strong-minded hippy who gave me free surf lessons because he wanted to touch my body. I couldn’t make this shit up. Further complicated by getting dared by Miss Irish to dance with an old Belgian art dealer on Awesome Folk Music night, and to dance with him in his own special style, which culminated in a complimentary bottle of white wine for me and my friends at the end of the song. Which then culminated in a row between Hippy and Irish because what we’d done was apparently disrespectful. Needless to say I did not get a frangipani the following morning. So he lectured me and made me cry because I really didn’t think I’d done the old man wrong but was terribly vexed that maybe Hippy was right. I tearfully apologised to the Belge and he brushed it off and continued to polish off the wine bottle he’d gotten for us at the start.

After that strange evening, some awkwardness was in order but it all ended with a resolution in which I found closure to the incident. The art dealer had left a letter at reception the morning following the drama but I didn’t get to until I checked out 2 days later. It was in french and basically he wondered why my “boyfriend” (that was Hippy’s solution to the old man situation which he mistook for standard sleaze)  said and I quote “…pourquoi il m’a dit que tu n’avais pas de respect pour moi..” He was, as I had initially figured, an old man that liked to dance and wanted nothing more.

Basically, Hippy overreacted and wrongfully interpreted the whole scene then got into an argument with Miss Irish and she took offense, got annoyed that he’d upset me to tears and told him off “Don’t you take the moral high ground on me after you’ve been preying on Chris yourself for the past two days”. All of this went on with me sitting between them.

It was intense.

On a somewhat related event (not at all), DJ Snowboarder flew in from Sydney to visit for the weekend, which was a pleasant surprise and we caught good ol’ Arji Barji at the Town Hall last night. Good thing too because the Comedy Festival ends today I think. That man is funny. Doesn’t hold a candle to my personal fave Mr Izzard but yeah still funny. Then we ended up hanging out with some of the Irishes I was in Byron with (ah there’s the connection). And I mention this because I’m surprised that I am a little saddened by DJ’s departure tomorrow. I may have to fly up to Sydney sometime during winter break.

I did not have any time to work on my school projects and I am, again, freaking out.

So yeah absolutely nothing to report.

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