Daylight savings time in effect

So the clocks pushed back an hour and we had two 2 AMs on Sunday morning. I woke up and checked the time and it was 9 AM and thought ooh I don’t feel too bad considering I slept at 3, so I got up and start folding laundry I’d done the day before but hadn’t had time to get to.

Then I ventured out of my room to do my daily ablutions and have a poke about for some breakfast. I check the time casually and it was past 10 AM! I’d been folding my laundry for over an hour! I remember that DST is meant to be in effect so I went out and discussed that with my sister, who helpfully informed me that the kitchen clock was off by an hour. I nearly forgot I’d set my phone to automatically detect DST. For a second there, I thought I was going insane!

Anyway so yeah it’s in effect and we gain an hour but it just isn’t enough. I’ve been doing nothing else but school projects since Friday and I’m still going. I’ve made some progress but tomorrow’s going to be another bloody one, if one the bloodiest. It involves skinning my wireframes for a website redesign we’re meant to be doing. Okay. This post definitely belongs in the other blog. Anyway it’s nearly 3 am again and my brain’s shutting down so I’m not going to redo this.

Meet Ethan my nephew in animation form. And George who only wants to play football. He’s great, I don’t have to animate him cos he just stands in the background. I’m thinking of having him appear in other animations. He’s a top guy. There’s one more character but he explodes in the end so there’s no point in introducing him and getting you all attached.

So anyway there’s no point to this story is there. I was going to do my facial one, it was amazing and that story needs to be shared but I’m very tired and I have to sleep now.


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