Ending March 2010

I felt like death for most of today. I was out with Bloody Pom (BP) the night before because it was a Tuesday night and apparently that’s become our after-school beer & design geekery session. Kippah wasn’t around because he’s off celebrating Passover with family. But it’s a neat little design trio we have and I’m liking our Tuesday tipsy talks.

So we had ourselves our $10 jugs and talked design. We ended up having 5 in the end. I thought it was only 4 but he assured me we had 5. Kippah really should have been around. I need to work on my typography, he says. I agree. He needs to add more detail to his Open Day poster and work on their perspectives, I say. He agrees. He speaks sorrowfully and maybe a little disdainfully of designers that become layout monkeys. Personally I have nothing against that happening. I don’t think I’d mind working as one as long as I continued working on my personal projects. Which reminds me of my ELUSIVE GRAPHIC NOVEL. Poor show, really. Hoping to get that going on the break.

We carry on blabbing. He talks about Fonty Jess coming back on Sunday and how happy that makes him. We discuss the genius of Radiohead and Gorillaz, save for the last one, according to BP it’s awful. I think we decided I’d play guitar and he’ll sing.

I was meant to work on my vector skyline last night but ended up in a really bad way, so bad I had to get off the train 2 stops before my real stop cos I was violently ill all of a sudden. That hardly ever happens to me now these days. It’s a combination of me being more sensible, poorer and just really incredibly busy. Saw BP again this afternoon and he looked a bit like death too. I asked him if he dry heaved from the beer. He said he had wanted to ask me the same thing cos he suffered a similar fate and that never happens to him he says. Off beer’s not fun.

On the bright side, the camera finally arrived. Life is over.

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