My new old camera

Was meant to arrive last week but didn’t. I bought a low-level secondhand Nikon camera off eBay earlier this month and I’ve been pretty excited to get it in the mail ever since I paid for it.

The seller seems pretty decent so I don’t believe he’s screwing me over or anything dodgy like that but for some reason, the post office returned the parcel back to his home address. I’ve ordered stuff online and have gotten them here without any problems so there’s nothing wrong with the address that I gave him. And we’re in the same country, he sent it from Perth, for heaven’s sake. So yeah. Anyway he said he’ll post it again (this was last week) and I’m hoping it finally arrives this week. I had wanted to be using it in photography class already but alas it was not meant to be. There’s cameras available at the school anyway but I really wanted to start shooting and bonding with the latest addition to my modest digital family. I’ve even got a name picked out for him and everything.

Apart from that, it’s been a pretty uneventful weekend. I spent it working on projects, took me all weekend too! Insane. Last night, I was up till 5am just trying to get everything together. I mean, sure I’m pleased I got some good concepts at that hour but am a little dismayed because I don’t want these ideas to come to me during an all-nighter and that seems to very well be the case! I guess I should stay positive and be happy that the ideas come at all and I’ve got something to present to the group on Tuesday. Good good. I may just pass this subject.

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