The micro-managing fume

Okay well we’ll have to talk about the micro-manager then. Let’s call him MM.

So today he asked me to print a label for the spine of a binder. Easy enough, sure. He wanted the company logo, the name of the trainee and the name of the content “Sales training”. So he goes:

MM: Could you print me a label for the spine of this binder? (neutral)

Me: Yeah sure no worries, what did you want on it?

MM: I want the company logo at the top, Alex’s name and just put “Sales Training” down the bottom.

Me: Ok (I get to it)

MM: (he continues) I reckon Excel will be the best program for it.

Me: Mhm (feeling the beginnings of annoyance prickling, I decide to use Word. The PC I was using didn’t have anything else)

He watches me set it up on Word. The font is set to default, which is Times New Roman. I proceed to type.

MM: Could you use Arial for that?

Me: (bit fuming now) Sure.

I select the type and change it to Arial BLACK. I’m a rebel, I know.

Just when I thought he was done, he walks away with these parting words:

Could you have me look at it before you print it out? Ok thanks.

Reminds me of an ex-boss who used to ask to see my email replies first before I hit the send button. It wasn’t long before I left that place with a smile on my face.

Anyway I typed the stuff out, aligned the text to the logo, measured the spine and adjusted everything according to that. Printed, cut and slipped it into the spine sleeve. It was a thing of beauty. Alex comes over and goes, “Woah that’s awesome thanks for that” and he takes the binder away, no doubt inspired to get started on his training.

Few minutes later, MM remembers he was micro-managing me. He calls out:

MM: So hey did you make the label?

Me: Yup it’s done, Alex has got it now.

MM: (he starts at this, looking a bit alarmed) Oh, you printed it out already.

And he hurries over to where Alex went, to check my work, I am sure.

He’s just unlikeable. And it doesn’t help that he looks like a pig, waddling around giving out orders and instructing people on HOW to do things, stuffing his pink face with food. He’s like a real-life Squealer from The Animal Farm. Just annoying. I try not to judge people based on their appearance but he is just so uuuugh. To make matters worse, the guy he replaced is a blond Adonis who was super cool and didn’t care how you got things done, he just wanted them done. Please come back, Sexy Sam.

I’m sure he’s probably fully qualified for the job (meaning, he looks good on paper but is, in fact, incompetent) and he knows a lot about selling cars and managing sales staff (this is obviously not true as even Alex thinks he is a “pedantic cunt”, but in my head he has been cemented as a fat fuck.

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  1. karima says:

    Im sorry this is too good of a post not to say anything ! Fat F&%K is good!

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