So yeah about March

I’ve got to re-plan my blog entries. I can’t just keep logging in 1 or 2 entries a month. I have had several “oh I should document this on my blog” moments but then I put it off until I forget all about it. Such a shame. So many prize-winning thoughts go through my head every week. It’s a tragedy really.

So yeah I’ll have to re-plan everything and try to fit in the time to talk about some things, events and people of note. I’ve always enjoyed noting down observations and I shouldn’t stop documenting them just because I’m swamped with work and projects and walk around sleep- and food- deprived all the time. Pretty much everyone lives like that these days. I obviously just need to get my act together.

Okay! Moving forward I’ll check back with ya with little notes of delight and repulsion about people, places and events. I had wanted to rant about the new micro-managing prick we have at the car dealership but I’ve somehow lost all steam for that. Had a big fume in my head about it though hehe.

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