February’s coming and going

I fully meant to squeeze in an entry every couple of weeks here but I never manage to. It’s okay, I haven’t stopped trying and it will happen one of these days. I’ve just been a bit lazy and everything’s been hazy of late.

So yeah, I’m just about to wrap up the summer break and am excited to launch into another exciting semester of studies. I’ve just completed my last week of full-time work at the water company and I’m both relieved and saddened by this. Relieved because I can finally take a break from working every day and saddened because that reduces my income drastically. It’s a fairly easy job for the money and although it can get tiresome and repetitive, I can at least plug into music and work quietly for hours. I was actually really excited about being able to listen to new and different music again. My current playlist has more or less been the same one, give or take 10 songs, for about two years now. I had a bit of a scare a few weeks into working there, when I thought it would be a good idea to be on shoutcast all day. Within days, emails of “intermittent network issues” began circulating. Casual research and a quick calculation (I ignored initial misgivings) informed me that streaming audio was probably not good for the company’s network bandwidth. Granted, they’re gearing up for a massive system transition and that’s raised a lot of technical issues even before I arrived to wreak further havoc, but I stopped listening to online radio completely after that. For days, I sat contritely at my desk waiting to get sent to the manager’s office.

I will probably continue working there 1.5 days a week once classes start. Then I’ve got the car job on Saturdays. Upon further reflection, I think I will still have the dreadful 6-day work week hell that I’ve been suffering the past seven weeks and it will probably be crazier because there’s more stuff to juggle but at least four days of that will be about more interesting things like drawing and photography instead of dealing with thousands of water bills and tenants and owners and solicitors and real estate agents. Although the latter can be pretty intriguing stuff too, you just have to really stretch your imagination.

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