It’s on, Donkey Kong

Even though the tournament only officially started today with the first day of matches, the atmosphere here’s been tennis-y since the start of December. Public transport’s gone crazy with advertisement. I should post an actual photo of a tram with Nadal’s grim warrior face on it, looking like he’s about to leap off the side to chase down a shot! It sends a shiver of delight down my back every time I see one of those things chugging past. Imagine what it does to me when I’m actually on one. Delicious.

I haven’t actually gone over to see any of the games live yet, but I’ve got me a nice little pass for Wednesday. Excitement! I’m taking the afternoon off work and my sister and I will be whooping and booing at the courts! Then I may just ask a colleague of mine to fill in for me on Saturday at reception since Gui’s shouting my Hisense Arena pass! Sweet! New beer’s resolution: I’ve always known this but now I know it from experience: absolutely no Foster!

Hopefully she can sort me out this Saturday. But then again, if I’m honest, I’m probably going to have just as much fun at work since I get to do a bit of reading online. It’s just not going to be the kind of fun that makes people envious. My reading material every Saturday at work is accounting…and I may throw in a bit of marketing to mix things up a bit. That might be a bit too crazy, but you know me. I’m looking into bookkeeping. Hey, the job sites are full of offers for those people.

I realise taking all this time off work is hurting me a bit financially, what with this semester’s fees coming up in March, and maybe very foolish, especially now that I’ve actually got jobs that are significantly more permanent than, say, the last dozen or so that I’ve had. Job insecurity’s a bitch. Haha I don’t love it but it’s definitely been an interesting feeling. It’s all worth it. I’m beginning to believe that what I want out of life and what kind of people, things, activities I want to surround myself with…are exactly just that: things that I continue to want – to have, to do, to be. Good stuff. It’s about fucking time I started getting my act together. I mean, really. Yay me!

As hard as it’s been, I still have to keep reminding myself that the experiences are a large part of why I’m here. Boy, am I grateful that I’ve always had and will continue to have family support. Yay family!

It can’t just be about work and work and study and study. I’ve met enough students and salary people that have turned into social cripples – they’ll complain and stress about life without any humor (probably because they’re so fatigued) and any attempt just makes it worse. Then they’ll readily fall into painfully awkward conversation. Trust me, it’s bad. It’s awful because some of them have been here a year or 2, haven’t been on any road/ski/beach/nature trips, haven’t gone out of state, their friends are from immediate circles at school or work (if you can even call it proper friendship), haven’t enjoyed the thousands of events and festivals that are on pretty much every day. They reside here, they work here, they go to school here but aren’t actually living here. Or they do some or all of these things but they’re still thinking about school/work.

Working/studying without joy sucks the living marrow out of you. Not even those working in hospitality are spared from it. If you can’t remember how long it’s been since you were happy at what you’re doing, people will notice how dull and mechanical you’ve become at everything else and will stay away. 10 months on in Melbourne says I know what I’m talking about. You are also correct in concluding that I have no real point. A la Matrix: there is no point.

Yes, I’m talking to you (but I actually mean me).


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