Books: 1st quarter 2010 – some odd realisations

I didn’t even notice I’d begun reading nonfiction in the last couple of years. I’m usually an observant person but I’m also usually looking at things outside of myself so I never notice what I’m up to unless I make a conscious effort. I had also considered nonfiction synonymous to school textbooks and dull things and thought of myself as a proud and very fun-to-be-with fiction reader. Anyway I’ve actually been reading more nonfiction these days, I suppose I only just do that to pass the time between releases of Murakami books. I was reading a book of supposedly riveting and insightful short stories with a post 9/11 setting but I have actually been afraid to pick it up since the last story about a lady who punished her husband’s infidelities by aborting their unborn child. I was traumatised. It was so detached and cold and just felt so wrong. Huhu.

So on to better things. I finally bought Mr Brownworth’s book! The paperback isn’t available until this coming May and I just couldn’t wait. Fortunately, the holiday season offers a ton of discounts and add to that a Christmas gift coupon and you’ve got yourself a very happy girl.

Lost to the West: The Forgotten Byzantine Empire That Rescued Western Civilization by Lars Brownworth

The title says all! It’s gonna be so good! Here’s a small trivia about me: I seem to have trouble pronouncing ‘Byzantine’. I am adding that to the list of words I can’t say properly. Another one is ‘percentage’. I really don’t know why, the more I practice, the worst I get. I am sometimes stupid.

And for a slightly less fun book. It’s a collection of essays about language and stuff. I’m just about to start reading it. I didn’t realise there was so much to be said about translation and its involved ethics. I find it all very curious. I take it back, I think it’s going to be very fun! Edward Said’s essay is the first one.

Nation, Language, and the Ethics of Translation edited by Sandra Bermann and Michael Wood

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