Very possibly the last post of 2009

Actually I’m pretty sure it will be. I’m looking forward to an exciting week and will most definitely be too busy awesoming to bother with a post!

It’s about midnight now and I think I’m supposed to be finished packing. Then sleeping.

Instead, I’m listening to a french radio station and the program on right now is ‘Nostalgie’. Except none of these songs are bringing back any memories…and even if I did grow up in France, it’s still the wrong era. Peu importe, it’s all still very lovely.

I’m also passing the time decidedly not sleeping. Instead I’m wondering what book to bring with me. I’m only going to be gone a week. Truthfully speaking though, I probably won’t have any time to read either and I don’t really have a lot of room left in my bag. But if I’m stuck waiting for hours, then I’ll be kicking myself for not having brought anything and I’ll have to pretend that I don’t like reading. I haven’t even packed a beach towel yet. Or my electronicky stuff like music gear, phone charger and camera. Only now I’m thinking of not bringing the camera, it’s gotten very shitty over the past year and I’d rather go without any pictures of my exciting 2009 than go out and buy a new one. Because that would mean I’d have to do research and compare features and prices and sift through all relevant digital considerations. A veritable but very avoidable nightmare. Back to my bag room problem. I brought a couple of dresses, bikinis, shorts and a few shirts that I’ll probably wear more than twice. It’s okay, I don’t start smelling until the third day of unkemptness and unbatheness. And I’m pretty sure I’ll make time to bathe.

Ooh I know this song. Piaf. Je ne regrette rien, I think the title is. If it isn’t, it really should be. What a lady.

So yeah bag room. Forget about extra shoes. Maybe I’ll just stick to wearing my flip flops. My sister thinks I need more shoes that aren’t flip flops. I think I should care more about that suggestion. I have bought non flip floppy items in the past year but since it’s gotten so hot and summery, I’ve been less inclined to wear too much clothing. I think the slightly unsightly peely bits on my chest are a direct result of not being covered enough.

Sydney’s not very far from here but I don’t know anyone there! I’m nervous! I’m staying at 3 hostels in one week! I booked this trip months ago but I still wasn’t able to find one hostel that had available beds for the dates I’m there. In fact, I’ve actually forgotten (until now) that I don’t have a place to stay on the 31st. I’m not just staying up, I’m staying out on New Year’s eve!

Back next week! Don’t expect pictures!

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