What happened to October 2009?

I’m going over my calendar now and I’ve got things color-coded. I’ve got a lot less of the green (work) and pink (school, less days but more full on) in October, more of the yellow (interesting things I do/attend that are not necessarily related to work or school) and black (social) and a bit of purple (back up career planning). Needless to say, that month went by in a blur.

Nowadays, the skies are bluer and clearer and the sun is definitely hotter. I’ve taken a couple of sunny strolls and spent a few hours under the sun yesterday and my oh my, looks like I’ll be roasty toasty brown when 2010 rolls in. Can’t wait for BBQ picnics and beach trips.

I took some time off work to spend time with my parents, who have been in town since the middle of September and will be here until the end of November. Plus I’ve got a little nephew now and it’s great helping look after him. I’ve started looking for a few jobs and hopefully will be working by the time school wraps up for the summer. I have 3 months off classes!! Got work to do, places to go to, people to hang out with. Life is very good.

7 months here and it’s safe to say that I am having an awesome time here. I love the fact that there’s so much to do, and they’re things I want to do and didn’t know I wanted to do! The weather could be more predictable but I’m really loving the cafes (I’m on coffee ban at the moment cos I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately), the libraries, the galleries, the festivals, the little alleys, the laneway culture, the nightlife, the people I come across and their diversity, the friends I’ve made, the feeling that for some reason I can get more things done here… I still get homesick and I’m already excited to return to Manila in early 2011 for a quick visit but folks, it’s official: I heart Melbourne.

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