Soon is here

Okay let’s get something clear. When I said ‘back soon’, I meant ‘Gimme a month’. So it’s all good really. I’m even 2 days ahead of schedule.

Soookay, what’s been happening here? Work’s fine, the steady computer job is coming to an end soon. The project deadline is in a week and a half and then launch and then bye bye funding. I’m getting nostalgic. Such a good group of people. Geeky, funny and just all-around great. I had fun, learned about things I didn’t know I’d enjoy and made some friends. But I think the learning’s plateau’d out and I feel like it’s time to move on. I’m having a coffee chat with my next employer this Friday.

School’s term 3 starts this week too. I had a quick look at the subjects and MAYBE this term will be easier than the previous one. Which is good cos I want to do other meaningful stuff like write haikus and do more shopping.

My parents are in town. They arrived last week. Everyone’s waiting impatiently for the little one to come out…

I bought a bike and started riding it a few weeks after. The weather’s warmed up considerably but it still gets nippy and I still have to wear some layers. It’s raining at the moment. At least tomorrow’s likely to be a nice sunny day.

It was a bit frightening to get back on the bike after years and years of inactivity, but once I screwed up the courage to get on and stay on, it’s been exhilarating. Looking forward to making a habit of riding a couple of hours per week. Very happy about having a huge park with trails and inclines and slopes nearby. Hopefully I’ll become confident enough to start riding on the road with fast fast cars. Especially since I’ve never ridden a bike with gears before, it’s somewhat disconcerting. Anyway I’m excited about riding around and exploring the city on wheels! I even worked out a way to get to the boxing gym, which is a bit over 6km away. That’s still a bit ambitious at this point but I really miss the speedball!

Hm. That’s about it. I haven’t been in a public writing mood of late so I’ll have to check in with you later on. Oh and today marks the anniversary of the big car crash. Yep, still alive.

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