Before Houdiniing

I got this term’s timetable and it’s even better than last one’s! I’ve got 2 days of school per week only and a damn straightforward daily schedule at that. A solid 9 to 5:30pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Which means I can wait on tables after classes on both nights and Sunday evenings. I’ve even offered to do every other Friday evening. That means I can do the geeky job all of Monday and Tuesday and then Friday mornings. Which leaves me all of Saturday to run errands, work on school projects, party and possibly rest! Then a break every other Friday night and I should be spending most of Sunday studying and doing some relaxing.

So that’s a pretty tight schedule but you can see that it works. We shall soon see what happens in application.

This week is just a wee bit crazier because I have a volunteer briefing session for that film festival I mentioned a while back. I’m happy I can do that this Thursday evening because I’m not on the resto roster on that date. I’m excited for my tshirt and my film passes woohoo!

That’s Thursday.

Then back to the geeky job on Friday and I may do a full day because I didn’t go yesterday after getting my timetable, which only took about 10 minutes. Instead, I went gallivanting with a friend and we headed over to the museum (there’s a Pompeii thing going on!!) but it was crowded so we moved on to grab a pizza and a beer. Then we decided to do more celebrating and grabbed a coffee in Prahran, then walked to Windsor, grabbed another coffee and afterwards got rained on. Well. That was extremely cold. Then I sped off to Melb Central and got a haircut. Which isn’t being the best thing ever as envisioned but it should shape up nicely because I am willing it to happen. I am willing very strongly.

That was Friday’s projection and a Monday recap.

Then for more fun I’m doing two morning shifts for the design festival this weekend, which is important for me to do because it’s design-related and there’s lots to do, see and learn. It’s just that I’m going to be SO TIRED.

Despite all that, I still manage to get around 7 hours of sleep on most nights. Good stuff.

So that’s my life for the next 9 weeks. Don’t be mad if I don’t appear anytime soon.

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