Wow I know it’s been a bit over a month since I last wrote but OMFG it’s been a helluva month. So much has happened that I actually had to go over the last few entries to reacquaint my now self to my then self. I feel so changed inside. Hm but then again I feel closer to my younger troubled self, when I was going through my emotionally distressing years at college (or at uni, depending on who I’m talking to). But I will get to all of that in due time, my friend. I don’t know why I don’t do it more often, writing is therapeutic and relaxing. Having said that, it’s always been difficult for me to write when I am going through particularly difficult times. I always have to quietly try and make sense of it all in my head before I can shoot off a good and coherent entry.

So yeah. Retooling. Yes, that’s what I’ve been busy with and it’s all been very good.

I’m going to keep this short for now, BUT I PROMISE I will try to be back later this week to get this blog rolling again. I have been feeling under the weather since Thursday night and although I’ve been resting all this weekend, it hasn’t been the long and uninterrupted rest that I think I might need. I do feel slightly better though. And no, I don’t think it’s swine flu.

I bet you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to all this time, eh? Don’t answer that. Okay, answer it quickly in your head.

So I’m in the last week of my first term at school and I am having a blast so far. I have been a bit better at updated the new blog for that. All the specific design-y and learn-y stuff are there. I’ll add the link to my blogroll since it’s all connected to me anyway.

I have been working as a waitress for over a month now and it’s what’s been keeping me afloat for the past few weeks. I make just enough to pay for transportation expenses and phone credit. Okay and maybe a few beers on the weekend. And some cups of coffee. Mhmm flat white sure is good here. More on the wait job later. I’ll have you in stitches.

I also teach basic French once a week, this is a more recent development. One of my classmates says he’s always wanted to learn and he tried looking for a tutor online and apparently it’ll cost like $44/hour, which is ridiculous really and I joked and said yo man I’ll do it for $20 if you’re so keen. And he was actually serious haha. So the first lesson went well, I think his head exploded a little bit but he’s game for another lesson tomorrow. He figured he spends a great deal of his money on alcohol, might as well set a budget for some form of self-improvement. Good on him, I say. And good for me. He may have a bit of a crush on me but of course that has nothing to do with his interest in learning French. That would just be silly.

And I finally landed a “proper” job last week, after over a hundred applications to over a hundred companies advertising on the Seek website, as well as on other less reputable job sites (which is a story in itself, I tell ya).

The new job is in Sandringham, which is at the end of the train line going southbound, it’s over an hour away from home (I live in the east), quite possibly 1.5 hours with the wait time between bus connections factored in. I get to work with linguists and geeky people and I think I’m going to have a fantastic time. I went over there for the interview and after like 5 minutes of chatting, they offered the job and I’m just through the roof at this point. I finally fucking get my self-worth back. Clearly I can find jobs in Melbourne. It feels GOOD to know that. Such a painful process, employment and the state of being unemployed.

So I’m on cloud nine and the lovely geeky people start my training straight after the interview and my head explodes a little bit with all the Prolog and the emacs (which I actually uninstalled from my computer a few months back because I didn’t like the multiple keystrokes for a lot of the shortcuts). They use Linux and I’m excited about that!

This new job pays more than double the wait job and I will be prioritising that because not only is it BETTER ON PRETTY MUCH ALL LEVELS, it is also contractual and will run only till October. Unfortunately I will have to cut down, if not stop altogether, my volunteering for a bit, as I will probably have zero time for frivolous unpaid things like that. It’s really tough because I just managed to get a Wednesday morning shift at an art gallery. It’s not paid but it’s such a great opportunity for learning and establishing contacts. I’ll have to tell them I will return after the linguistic job ends. It will make me seem unreliable though, but I suppose they can’t expect to rely too much on volunteers. Just a week before finding this 3rd job, I had already turned down volunteering at a crafts gallery, I simply don’t have enough time and I need to prioritise school and money-making. It’s good that I have the option to volunteer there. Oh yes, this is definitely a better place from where I was when I first arrived.

Incidentally there are 3 festivals I’m trying to spare some time for. I’ve already helped with some mailing for a writer’s festival, which is scheduled to run for about a week in August. Another is a design festival and I’m desperate to be a part of that. That is so right up my alley, it’s not even funny to consider being excluded from that. It starts in 2 weeks and I haven’t heard from the volunteer coordinator, so I may have to resign myself to being a mere guest this year. It’s just as well, it’s not like I’ll have a lot of time for that anyway.

The last one is a film festival and I want to volunteer because I get a nice T-shirt and 8 free film passes out of it. Haha. Good stuff.

So that’s a bit of a handful and I’m grateful that things are starting to come together for me here. While I’m lucky that I don’t have to worry about making the rent and having something to eat, it has often felt like an uphill struggle. This post is just one long sigh of relief. The trick really is to keep going.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Prolog is really quite geeky … but fun! It’s almost as logical as I.

    My fingers bled when I tried using emacs. Life should be simpler.

    C-x C-s C-x C-c

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