I never enjoyed classes as much as I am right now. Well, the language courses can probably compete. First of all, can I just say that I’m loving the whole NOT WORKING part of being a student? But yes yes I know I should be part time jobbing by now.

The school is new so it isn’t one of the more reputable ones around here but it has been doing well so far. I did have my misgivings in the beginning but the instructors have proven to be quite good, even though most of them have atrocious spelling, i.e. SAN serif, ocupational hazard, aesthitics etc. It seems to afflict the entire nation, to be honest. I’ve been doing my best to keep the snobby spelling nazi in me silenced. Rather discomfiting for a former spelling bee champ, as you can imagine.

The kids are alright, several are straight out of high school, so I think they’re moronic (I know I generalize this, yet I continue to judge). I will say this though, I sincerely do enjoy talking to most of them. What I do find irritating is that they’ve been using my laptop as the public cd writer and the default usb port for organising files. Oh and they also want me to convert their jpegs to pdfs. One stop freakin’ shop. A simple google search would sort them out. They’re really just either lazy or imbeciles (well it’s really just self-centeredness). Most are unprepared for this course, and this baffles me. Sometimes I help, when I feel like they’re making an effort and when I can see that they want to learn. It’s easy to distinguish those who are freeloading from those who are really trying. I start off by joking that I’ll have to start charging for my services, then I tell them off in the hopes that they’ll see the light and if I’m really fed up, I just flat out refuse to help them. It’s not my problem they can’t understand English (oh snap!). I guess there is such a thing as a bitchy pushover. Or maybe a pushover bitch. I remember being a lousy student at university but I never once inconvenienced other students with my slackering. I assure you that it was all a very dignified affair.

The Peruvian girl, let’s call her Yola because that is her name, tries very hard so I help her out most of the time. She works part time every weeknight and is struggling between that and school. She’s good and besides I can practicar mi español con ella. It amuses both me and her. I also don’t mind helping out Chinese Will and Vietnamese Jessica, (names anglicised duh) cos they’re my BFFs here. I particularly enjoy the boy’s company even though he remains unwashed most of time. I like the Japanese Tatsu as well because he did his best in submitting a tough assignment but that’s really only secondary to the fact that he is a boy that looks like a girl and he giggles like a geisha. I’m also very nice to the late enrollees and especially sympathetic to the ones who encountered visa issues so I patiently explain project assignments to them. I’m not as keen on helping some of the others, namely the overindulged brats and those who confuse their work/school priorities. I still help them though, even as I crab at them. It’s curious that I can’t help it, I must really have my father’s educator blood in me. He does come from a family of teachers after all.

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  1. Davis says:

    sounds like you’re having a great experience. I’ll be living through the same thing (vicariously) when my son starts college in the fall

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