Have a talk with yourself if you think you need one

I just heard this from the NCIS episode I’m watching right now.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten

This line is from a scene where a couple that’s just started dating is having a romantic movie at the girl’s place and the girl is wondering why the guy hasn’t tried to have sex with her and they’re on date 11 and he jokes for a bit but she prods him for a serious answer and he said he didn’t want to rush things and that’s when he said that.

Not a particularly esoteric message but it struck a chord with me. I want to remember that it’s okay to go through strange discomforts. I’m guessing (also convincing myself) that sometimes it’s necessary to have new challenges to keep one sharp and alive. I’ve been having annoying moments when I don’t know where things are, how to get to places, how to behave and how to react and it’s a feeling I haven’t had in a while. It wasn’t always unpleasant but it is right now. I miss knowing that I’m doing something tomorrow that will produce results and I’m not just crossing my fingers. This isn’t a vacation where I don’t have to worry about anything but fun stuff.

After the whining, I have to say it’s not altogether unfamiliar, or even all that unpleasant. It’s good to remember that I mustn’t stop learning just because I’m older; I don’t want to become set in my ways the way people tend to get. At least I don’t think I’m ready for that just yet.

Plus I just ordered an attack on an enemy that might be stronger than I’ve pegged him to be and it’s 5 hours before that order is executed. The wait has been agonising. I hope I didn’t send my boys to their deaths.

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  1. phaedra says:

    i like that quote. it’s a very simple yet important realization.

    kangaroo hop hop. it’s autumn, is it? what a strange, strange country you’re in!

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