Nearly one month on

Autumn is here, some trees are turning a pretty reddish brown and there are others that are well on their way to winter baldness. The weather is getting cooler and although we’ve had a few chilly days and a couple of freezing rainy ones, we’re still experiencing sunny days in the 20s. Still very nice weather, apparently uncommon at this time. In preparation for the imminent coldness, I’ve already bought a number of warm clothes and even a pair of sturdy warm shoes. So nono I’m not going to freeze my fingers and toes off this winter!

I’ve also settled in some more and am finally more comfortable and familiar with the area. Initially it felt like the middle of nowhere and I didn’t even know the way to the bus stop or tram. I’ve got a bank account set up, a registered tax number and even a couple of library cards. I’ve got two libraries which I visit quite enthusiastically for the free wifi.

I have gone out and met new people and had a few good experiences and some groan-inducing ones. I’m inherently an antisocial person but because of a past job that required me to talk to all kinds of people, I’ve developed a part of me that can be socially pleasant and intriguing for an entire evening. A social animal that switches on and off at will, if you will. Too bad for me that my social best seems to give out all the wrong signals here. I’m beginning to discover massive differences between men in their mid 20s and men in their early 30s. The older ones are kind of keener to get in my pants and are less romantic about it. A bit worrying, I want to make friends, not contract herpes.

I’m also becoming an AFL enthusiast, which is a cross between rugby and football. It’s also called football or “footy” and European football is referred to as soccer or “that girly sport.”

So I could head in two directions here. On one hand, I could become a beer-guzzling footy hooligan (which I already am sometimes at home, it seems like there’s a game going on every day). On the other hand, I could be the lucky Asian dream girl to a single 30-year-old professional who’s looking for the one who “gets” what he’s all about.

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3 Responses to Nearly one month on

  1. jakakistan says:

    i wanna be a hooligan too!!!

  2. ed says:

    Asian dream girl to a single 30-year-old professional (a.k.a. beer-guzzling footy hooligan)!

    Using my keen pattern recognition skills, I’m estimating the next post will be 11 months from now. Hope I’m wrong.

  3. sparks says:

    i am envious. you’re in melbourne!!!

    LOL about contracting herpes

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