First week back in Melbourne

It’s around the same time my plane landed at Tullamarine airport a week ago. It’s been busy busy busy. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had beautiful weather so far. Sunny and mild weather yay! It’s autumn and I half-expected it to be colder. I’m happy it’s not!

I’ve been nursing a wrist injury for about two weeks now. I played soccer a few days before I flew out and I had sooo much fun. But I’m not very good at it, or maybe I am because I prevented the opponent from scoring a goal, but anyway a player plowed into me and I fell on the ground hard. I stuck my arm out to steady myself (wrong wrong wrong) and my wrist bore the brunt of the impact. Pain.

Luckily I didn’t break anything but it was very very sore and swollen after that. And it was my left wrist too, which is my main. I did very well looking after it, cold compress, then warm compress then keeping it immobile and bandaging it nice and secure (thanks to boxing, I am excellent at wrapping bandages).

So yeah it was healing oh so nicely and was nearly back to its tip top shape when I totally strained it while travelling. With my 7kg handcarry and 2 luggages AND a tennis racket. Haha. It’s a miracle I didn’t tear the damn thing off. Ruined my french tips too, bastards. I know it’s not a very sensible thing to get a french manicure just before travelling but it’s going to be a while before I can afford beauty services here so just leave me alone!

It’s much better now though and it should be okay very soon. It better be. I don’t want to think I’m too fragile to do any sports! First my elbow and now this!

I’ve been busy with a number of things. We are moving house this weekend and I’ve been helping them out with a garage sale, which took place last weekend and was a smashing success, and packing packing packing.

I have also started another blog, one that keeps track of my study progress. I thought it best to keep that separate from this more general rambleness one. I took some books out from the library and have been reading a lot on typography, VERY good stuff.

I’ve sent out heaps of job applications and will eventually go back to volunteering. Didn’t think my 2007 productivity here would come in so handy. I’ve been reconnecting with friends I made here, it’s been good. I need mates! One of the places I volunteered at (a gallery of contemporary art) is wonderfully situated; it’s a block down from my school. How very convenient. And there is a theatre next to it that serves a good flat white and I enjoyed one immensely after my school visit (more on that later).

English Breakfast or Earl Grey.. occasional Boh tea YUM. Oh Lychee Rose where are you! Black tea with LOTS of honey. Probably my favorite food next to pizza and cereal.

I have discovered the Wii and today will be my fourth day doing yoga. Man, I can really feel those “deep” muscles. At the rate I’m injuring myself, it’s probably a good thing I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would. I’ve always thought it was boring. I’ve also come close to tearing my shoulder off playing bowling and I did a few rounds of boxing that made me realise how much I miss it.

Ok I’m going to finish my tea and look for my center of gravity.

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  1. sisterly says:

    yey you’re here!

  2. matt says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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