Raising hell

(Warning: Long post, a bit rambling)

On packing: My last day of work has been eventful so far. I woke up early as usual and hung around the house, started sorting out my preliminary packing and ended up nearly finalising everything. I usually have a couple of packing rehearsals before fixing the locks on the luggage and calling it done but I’ve been dragging my feet for a week now. I take packing very seriously. All that’s left to do is double checking on Sunday night, ideal so I can keep Monday and Tuesday for last minute errands and arranging final meetups with people.

I may have overpacked since I’m wearing a previously worn and currently unwashed shirt today and the jumper I’ll be wearing on my flying day. I’ve also been wearing the same pjs for quite some time now. I’ve been blessed with sweat that doesn’t smell straight away (it’s probably all the gallons of water I drink daily) and I admit I am sometimes guilty of reusing clothing. My motto is “till it starts to make me itch”. Except panties. Ok maybe I have done that once or twice, but that was during backpack travelling and it was the norm.

Bank issue: So I set off for work at noon and headed to Unionbank Ortigas, where my payroll account is handled. I realised yesterday when I was trying to clean out my account that I had a loose Php 67.61 in the balance. I remember the finance department inform me awhile back that our ATM account has a lot of limitations, including inability to make transactions over the counter. Apparently it’s a remittance account and I don’t have the option to deposit money into it,  it doesn’t even earn interest. I wondered hmm how could I get that money out if the lowest unit of money ATMs dispense are 100 peso notes? I grew worried and decided I needed help in damning the man. So I relayed my concerns to my finance department and I consulted them for half an hour. They were not able to assuage any of my fears! Basically they said I wouldn’t be able to withdraw that amount and that I would have to forget about it. Huhu! Of course this piece of news vexed me greatly and made me feel very alone. The Man is in cahoots with the finance department. But I couldn’t give up. I wouldn’t. There was no way I was giving that 67 pesos and 61 cents to Unionbank.

Filled with grim determination, I headed over to the bank and politely explained my concerns with a jolly teller. He suggested that the bank deposit 33 pesos (or rather 32.39) to round the account balance off to a hundred and that I give him the money to square things off. I was heartened by this bit of news and was happy I wouldn’t have to and so I happily waited while he spoke with his manager. Upon his return however, he seemed a bit more subdued and informed me that because there were restrictions imposed on my stupid remittance account, he would not be able to help me. I expected this so I wasn’t the least bit ruffled and asked him what I could do and he directed me to another dude, this one was seated and had a desk. This guy, let’s call him Bon Christian Belleza, seemed distracted and wasn’t too interested in my tale of woe. He waited for me to finish and repeated what Jolly had told me, that there was nothing they could do. I got all dramatic about it and said, “Your bank is stealing my money, do you know that this is a criminal offense?” He just stared at me and said that there was a contractual agreement between my company and the bank and that he could not help me any more in the matter. So I said, thanks a lot, Sales and Service Officer Bon Christian Belleza, it’s been a pleasure, may I read this contractual agreement? Keeping my feelings of anger and helplessness under control, I asked to speak with someone else and to his credit, he directed me to customer service.

So off I went to the 31st floor in the same building and quickly found someone who would listen to my problem. He was infinitely better than Bon and he listened patiently and after I’d finished, he said he would look into it. He returned 10 minutes later and said that the only way around the problem is to have my company ring the bank to authorise the Php 32.39 deposit, thus enabling me to withdraw all of the money. I said what a great idea, and I shook his hand and said, thanks Val Deem of Customer Care for a very satisfactory service.

On last day of work: Finally I could go to work but before that, I bought some pizzas (Pizzas!) and told them to deliver to the office. I’m going to miss my team! Once I got settled in, I went to my accounting girls and tried to sort everything out with them. At first they thought I was joking but I was quick to correct them and said nonono I actually did go to the bank and complained about my unfortunate situation, now you must help me. They agreed to deposit the Php 32.39 into my account and include that in my back pay computation. All in all, I’m pretty satisfied and it was well worth the hour. I’m sure they find me ridiculous and countingey but I’m pleased as punch about having made a point and perhaps having passed on the backbone tradition. Feeding them pizza softened them up and I think we’re still cool. Otherwise, concluding my back pay will take a looooong time.

On the Replacement: I stopped working properly since last Friday to give the new guy some space and let him do his own thing, only offering assistance when he needs it. I’ve been chilling, redditing, transferring files and eating pizza since. Well worth that bank fee, I might add.

A few remarks I have:

1. He is a terrible speller. While that’s really kind of okay in our line of work, the tendency to misspell words makes one seem just a little bit incompetent. Pagination not Paganation, spread is not spreed and for Strunk and White’s sake, learn how to use quotations properly.

2. He enjoys giving out instructions but is rather bad at following them.

3. He gets defensive when corrected or reminded.

I know he’s only been at it for two weeks and he will probably get better in time but I’m just incredibly bothered by his lack of attentiveness. Yesterday, projects nearly blew up and the UK dude raised hell, apparently telling my bosses that he was surprised that a new project manager would be taking over my responsibilities. What a dick. Fortunately for me, I don’t delete emails, I just archive them and I still have the email introducing the new guy and saying that he would be in charge starting this week. It is also because NG didn’t do as I had said. I said the UK guy might be a prick but he’s a client and he likes his own status update email and it doesn’t take a large amount of time to do that. I also told him that keeping him happy gets the bosses off your back. I suppose he wanted to learn this lesson on his own.

This month has been tremendously trying at work. It’s been good though, initially I had misgivings about resigning early and flying to Melbourne a month before classes start but I have pretty much adjusted to my newfound status as unemployed and eagerly await my studenting years.

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