Last week of work

Woohoo! 7 days to March 18.

The new guy (NG) started last Friday and we’ve been busy with the turnover. We’ve got lots of ongoing projects but I’m hoping to complete most of them before next Wednesday, otherwise known as MY LAST DAY OF WORK. Hihihi.

I’ve also started introducing him to our regular clients, my favorite French client was sniffly but dignified about it and said I was embarking on a wonderful journey and that she was happy for me. We bonded in 2008 over long email threads regarding shiatsu massages, Parisian weather, her son who is constantly ill and how lucky I am to be living in a tropical paradise (’tis true). My bubbly Aussie clients, who are notoriously clueless about all things digital, were a little bit wackier in their reactions ranging from ‘Nooooooooooooo! You can’t leave us!’ to ‘We’ll be devastated!!!!!!!!’ to ‘Alright I guess we’ll let you go’. The Dutch one has been the most shy about it, wondering what I will be doing after leaving the company, asking timidly if I have taken a position elsewhere. I haven’t informed zee Germans and the uptight UK main guy ignored my email.

Anyway a few new mini projects came in and I’ve started NG on the correspondence with the clients and helping him see through the life cycle of a couple of them. He’s slowly learning the ropes, he’s a bright guy, asks a lot of questions and I think he’ll get along with my team. It’s been fun training him and getting him to bond with the guys but  I’ve been super exhausted since he arrived and it doesn’t help that clients have been extra lively with projects for some reason. I don’t want to think negatively but sometimes I get the feeling that he’s the type that likes to delegate all tasks and has the tendency to get lazy and complacent. Me, I like to get hands-on about things. But I’m being snap-judgmental, okay I’ll give him some slack, he’s just starting out and he’ll get the hang of it pretty soon. But he did ask if there’s a proofreader on board and I’m like, yo man that’s gonna be your job! Hihihi. He also asked who does the code cleanup (he will!) and the combining of the newly exported PDFs (he will!) and is it absolutely necessary to send a book to the client and keep the new page creations separate (the clients love it and some don’t know how to extract pages) and now he’s on chat preaching about how proofreading and fixing files are no laughing matter. I’m now thinking HELLZ YEAH BITCH you get to do it all!

I’m getting nostalgic just thinking about all the fun I’ll miss. Hehe.

And he’s asking about revision limits and here I must agree that the company’s love for unlimited revision rounds is ridiculous and counter productive. I tried to revolutionise the system but it ate me up. I did learn to work even faster though. Sooo thanks [insert company name here], I owe you my mad multi-tasking skillz!

But anyway all whining aside, I think he’ll do a stellar job eventually. Probably not as well as I have done but then nobody’s perfect hihihihi.

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