Friday night at home

I was meant to be out tonight but I’ve been feeling ill since Tuesday night. I had been working through two days of full-on work with flu-like symptoms. Last Wednesday I left the office close to midnight and just my luck it was drizzling and I didn’t have an umbrella. It got even more fun when I discovered I didn’t even have enough cash for a taxi. How wonderful. Anyway I left the office early today and went home to sleep the entire afternoon off. I had to skip one of my last few social nights here and it had to be a wine tasting event. It would have been my first time to use my brand new Wine Depot member card. Maybe I can buy wine with it before I leave, just to use it. Or maybe I’ll just sign the back of the card. Hmph.

Anyway I’m feeling much better now even though I can breathe only through one nostril. I’m probably going to sleep again soon as I seem to have bored myself to tears. I spent a great deal of the evening working on my CV, sooooo dull and so necessary. Although I am very grateful that I’ve learned to update it every couple of months. I was at my first job for nearly 4 years and I saw no reason to update my resumé. I was 3 years into it when I decided I wanted a new one. A job, that is. It’s hell enough trying to sell one’s self on a page or two, it’s even worse when you can’t remember anything worth writing about. I think I’ve got most of what I need this time, though I’m still not exactly sure what CVs look like in Australia.

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