Resignation tips

You could always disappear for a few days and then text your friend at HR (or not) that you’re not returning to work, ever. That’s real classy.

Seriously, it may be a bit of an effort but believe me it’s so much better to leave the company with a smile on your face. You’re already moving on to better things, you don’t need to get all gloaty and vindictive. Some companies are okay with a two-week notice but if you think it’ll be better to serve 30 days, submit your resignation earlier. You do have to plan it a little bit so you don’t come off as an ungrateful and inconsiderate person. Someday you might need to call on your former colleagues to give glowing recommendations. 

Next, write a nice little letter and print a few copies for your immediate supervisor, the CEO and the HR department. Don’t just send an email. Keep it short, simple and professional. I put mine in letter envelopes. 

First paragraph. This should contain the purpose of your letter (i.e. your resignation) and when it is effective. Optional to include your position. You might also like to mention a quick explanation why you have decided to tender your resignation. It could be another job offer, or you’re simply taking some time off. My reason is that I am leaving Manila. Sniff sniff.

This is to inform you that I am resigning from my position as xxxxxx from xxxx company, effective xxxx.

Second paragraph. A nice little thank you for the things you learned during your employment and what a blast it’s been but make sure not to overdo it. You may want to wish them more success but you don’t want to seem insincere so it’s okay if you don’t. Never say or write anything negative about the company to either the HR or the management, no matter how badly you want to. That’s what your friends and family are for. Any of the following, or a combination of the three even, should be okay:

Thank you so much for the rewarding employment I’ve had with xxxx.

I have enjoyed the time that I have spent with the company.

I have learned a great deal and am truly grateful for having been a part of such a talented team. 

Third paragraph. Time to sign off gracefully. You may also want to offer help with training your replacement, or not, it’s up to you really, but just remember to be polite.

I’ll continue to work on my current projects till my last day. Please let me know if I can be of assistance during the transition. You may reach me on my mobile or personal email address if you have any questions. 

And that’s how easy it is. My last day is supposed to be on the 18th of March but HR spoke to me last Friday and asked if I can stay longer and if there was any way they could change my mind. Maybe a salary increase will help? I pretended to mull this over a few seconds then said, well I’m already booked on a flight and everything’s pretty much all set but if you can find someone to take over, I’m more than willing to show him/her the ropes so we can ensure that operation runs smoothly and clients stay happy. I was quite good about it I think. My dad suggests I stay on and finish the week (March 18 falls on a Wednesday). I’m not so sure though, I don’t want to leave them hanging but from the 18th I only have a week before I have to fly out and I have a LOT of things to do.

My friends threw me a surprise birthday party last weekend. Not sure if that will serve as a farewell party as well. I hope not, I want to see them again! They managed to get most of everyone to come, everything was organised, it was impressive. I had such a fantastic time and even though a lot of them had met each other for the first time, they were really nice and friendly. Awesome people.

I will miss my parents and my sister here.

I will miss my friends.

I will miss my paycheck.

But then again, exciting times are still ahead.

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3 Responses to Resignation tips

  1. John says:

    Are you leaving? For good? Oh, come on. You can’t be serious. What happened? Better job? You better keep writing, man. I’m serious. I’m gonna miss you if you don’t.

  2. chrismiss says:

    Hehe I’m pretty sure I can write even when it’s not from good ol’ Manila. All will be revealed in due time.

  3. sisterly says:

    you won’t miss me!

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