About SSS and Pag-Ibig contributions: 2009 update

So things have changed since I posted about checking your SSS contribution summary. The process in finding out has gotten a tad complicated.

1. Go to www.sss.gov.ph

2. Mouse over to My.SSS in the navigation bar somewhere on top of the page

3. Click Register

All of that will lead you to another page where you will be asked to identify yourself, whether you’re an Employer or a Member.

There’s also a link to the registration FAQ provided beneath the dialog, it would be a good idea to read that before you proceed so you don’t ask dumbass questions (see dumbass example all the way at the bottom of this post).

When typing in your SSS number, don’t add any dashes — just write the digits. There are ten digits in mine, I’m assuming it’s the same for everyone. Towards the end of the registration process, you will be asked to provide either an SBR NO. (the site says it’s found on the RS5 Receipt Form of SSS and it should be paid at least 6 months prior to the current date). You may also provide your employer’s ID, just ask your HR or whoever is in charge of your salary. If they don’t know, ask them who does and direct your inquiries to that person.

Make sure you read everything carefully and that there are no typos in the details you provide. Also keep in mind that the only special character they allow you to use in your password is the underscore and they prefer that you start the password with an alphabet letter.

For some reason, they also prefer that you provide a Yahoo email address, I guess they have issues with spam filters of other email accounts. I was tempted to provide my Gmail one, since I use Yahoo only for subscriptions, but why give it a reason to malfunction?

When you’re done filling in all the required fields, hit submit and if they’re satisfied with the information you’ve typed in, you’ll be directed to this awkwardly phrased message:

You have successfully sent your registration information to SSS. Please wait for the e-mail if your registration is successful together with the password.

Then you wait. It’s been over an hour and I still haven’t gotten the email with my computer generated password. I have a sinking feeling that I won’t get that email. I wish you all the best.

I used Chrome to do all this but the Feedback link (found on the homepage, at the bottom) doesn’t seem to work properly. Tried it on Firefox and even IE6 (death to IE6!) and the javascript function is shit there as well. What a horrible website. Alternatively, there’s a SSS Hotline (I haven’t tried this) and you may call numbers 920-6446-55 for assistance. I am thinking this will get me nowhere closer to finding out my contribution summary, but then that’s just me. Any brave soul out there, let me know when you manage to sort out your SSS stuff.

Bring on the dumb questions. Let me help you.

My name is so and so, can you please tell me what my SSS balance is, thank you, more power and God bless.

UPDATE: Whoa! I’m such an impatient pessimist! I just got my password and I was able to log onto My.SSS and see my contribution summary. Awesome!

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45 Responses to About SSS and Pag-Ibig contributions: 2009 update

  1. sisterly says:

    So I’m assuming I’ll never know my balance then, hey? I don’t have any of those details you mentioned.

  2. chrismiss says:

    Well maybe you can call them. That little bit of money later on can help you know. And it’s yours.

  3. Dalia Caballero says:

    I would like to know about my contribution and my salary loan balance.kindly send it to my email add: sweetdolly35@yahoo.com thank you.

  4. Jay says:

    I’ve a pag-ibig question: how do I apply for a number? My previous employer said I have to get it myself (after i resigned. which is so typical of the assholes. when i was still employed with them, they would normally say “it’s still being processed”. anyhow…). I called up the pagibig atrium office in buendia (?) but no one’s picking up. If you know the requirements for applying for a number and how to get to the office (landmarks, a how-to from the ayala lrt) it would be a big help. thanks in advance.

    btw, i read your past thread and the insane queries you got were so funny. cheered up my day 🙂

  5. chrismiss says:

    Hi Jay,

    I’m not sure how to go about that actually. Your previous employer should have done that for you, it’s required by law. You could probably report them to DOLE or something. As for registering with Pag-Ibig, maybe you can check the website for instructions or even just contact numbers and a list of the branch offices. Good luck!

  6. nenita o. bohol says:

    i separated from my employer 7 years ago and i want to verify the bal. of my sss contributions my number is 03-69532976

  7. lheng says:

    just want to ask if a member of Pag-Ibig died,is there a benefits for his family?what happen to the contribution of the deceased?

  8. john geoffrey l. osuna says:

    how can i know my pagibig contribution and my sss contribution?

  9. LUCY says:


  10. desiree joy agazon says:

    how will i know my sss contri nd pag-ibig fund even if almost 6yrs already i stopped working?

  11. Marchiel Bacera says:

    Gud day!just wanna know my pag ibig number and my total contribution…

  12. mayette says:

    pls let me know my pag-ibig contributions, up to when my employer paid for it. tnx

  13. Renante Bondad Abadier says:

    Please let me know my pag-ibig contributions and my current loan balance.

  14. Roselyn says:

    Hi! may I know please my Pag-ibig number? cause I forget it.4 years ago.I want to continue my remittance and to pay may loan balance.thank you..

  15. Hi! may i know my PAG-IBIG numbers cause I forgot it ,4 years ago.I want to continue my remitance and to pay my loan balance.thank you…

  16. michelle villanueva says:

    how can i know my pag ibig contribution.

  17. michelle villanueva says:

    how can i know my pag ibig contribution pls. send in my e-mail address.?thanks

  18. nancy says:

    Gud am may i know my PAG-IBIG number coz I forgot it ,3 years ago.I want to continue my remitance.thank you…

  19. pls send my summary of contributions I need it asap..im getting harder to register bcoz i dont know my last srp # thats why i cant register..
    thank you .hope you send it to my yahoo mail as soon as possible..

  20. Anonymous says:

    good am sir/mam,i just want to inquire the pag-ibig contribution of my husband Reynaldo L. Castillo.his Hdmf number is 0009-279750-04.

  21. Good am Sir/mam,I want to inquire the Pag-ibig contribution of my husband. thank you.

  22. good am sir,gusto ko lang po sana e reactivate ang pag-ibig ng asawa ko kasi po since 2004 hindi na po siya nakaremit and ask ko po if ilan po ang kanyang contribution,gusto ko pong malaman kung meron po syang pagkakautang,gusto po namin itong ipagpatuloy.His name is Reynaldo L. Castillo.we need your response immediately.thank you.

  23. good am sir/mam,i just want to inquire the pag-ibig contribution of my husband Reynaldo L. Castillo.his Hdmf number is 0009-279750-04.

  24. Rico delos santos says:

    i just want to know my status in my last loan, thank you so much.. god bless!


    good am sir/mam,i just want to inquire the pag-ibig contribution of my husband RAYMUNDO K. AGUILAR JR.,his Hdmf number is T000974307.
    Thanks poh and GOD BLESS!

  26. charlotte says:

    Good day mam/sir! Im frm cagayan de oro city. working at PRO INTEGRATED SCHOOL, TAGOLOAN MISAMIS ORIENTAL, just want to ask help from ur office sir/mam about our pag ibig remittances.from the past years our campany did not submit our contribution.We always forward this complains to OUR company office but sad to say no actions being made, some of our colleagues dont have ID yet, cannot have loans because of this irregularities.imagine were new member of pag ibig considering the company operated for 11 years,if they have irregularities in submitting our contributions now how much more in the following years.delayed as in.infact they’re collecting our contributions on time. So unfair.

    My friends adviced me to send this problem through this site. Hope u can addressed our complains or try to check or forward this querries pls to PAG IBIG CAGAYAN DE ORO OFFICE PLS.hoping for your positive response.thank you!God bless

  27. joanne says:

    tanong ko lang kung puwede na ba akong mag loan para sa education ng brother ko

  28. melisa de torres says:

    GOOD PM SIR/MAM i just want to inquire my pag ibig contribution, PG IBIG NO.040223582109

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