The search for the best text editor (for me) continues

I started out with TextEdit, which comes bundled with the mac I bought last year. I never warmed up to it. I don’t like that the default settings is rich text. Each time I want to paste text in, I keep thinking it’ll strip all formatting (like Notepad). But it doesn’t and it took me ages to even get around to changing it manually. If I wanted to keep the formatting, I’ll use Word for heaven’s sake. Even after I changed the settings, sometimes it wouldn’t import different accents and symbols properly. No I don’t like it at all.  In fact, the first thing I’m going to do when I get home will be to finally uninstall it off my machine. I should’ve done that a long time ago.

After spending the greater part of last year frustrated with text editing on…TextEdit, I did a half-hearted search for a better editor and came across TextWrangler. It was a breath of fresh air but because I’d gotten used to Notepad ++ on the work computer, I couldn’t really work up to liking it enough.

Of course, DW has a text editor but I always feel like it’s too much when all I want to do is experiment. I use it for actual email blasts for work but I can’t imagine using it for practice. It’s like driving a BMW to the talipapa.

So I kept looking. BBEdit is cool and this is what I’ve been using at home but I don’t like how the logo looks (I know it’s shallow but it’s not pretty) and it’s almost like TextWrangler anyway. It does have more features but I don’t really use those yet. Anyway it’s expensive.

I’ve had a look at CSSEdit and it looks alright. I installed it a week ago but haven’t really gotten around to testing it yet. I don’t think it’s free either. It’s not horribly expensive but anyway I’ll take a look at it. Then there’s Espresso, which is created by the same people. I think I installed that too but it was probably during the week I got all software crazy and downloaded too much. I got so overwhelmed that I ended up installing everything and then going to sleep straight after.

There are dozens more out there and several look really great and all that but a lot of them are more suited to actual programming like Java and PHP, I don’t think I’ll need anything like that anytime soon so it’s best to leave that for now.

Komodo Edit is probably the closest I’ve come to enjoying the text editor experience but it feels a bit heavy, loads up more slowly than the others. It’s possible that I’m just overloading the computer with a couple of Adobe apps open and maybe I’m torrenting too. Maybe. I’m currently testing it here in the office and so far it’s cool, it’s pretty and I’m liking it a lot. I can’t believe it’s free haha. Big plus. I’ll install it at home and play a bit this weekend to see how I like it.

Another one I’m looking at is NVU which is a WYSIWYG editor. Looks promising, I’ll see how that one goes.

I may write about my FTP client software adventure.

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4 Responses to The search for the best text editor (for me) continues

  1. jakakistan says:

    blink blink…

  2. John says:

    If you’re looking for something a bit close to Notepad++, try Editra. Or just sell your Mac and buy a PC. 🙂 Hope this helps.

  3. chrismiss says:

    Ooooh okay I’ll try it out now. I actually want to buy one of those netbook thingys, soooo pretty. I want mac aaaaaand windows..

  4. chrismiss says:

    Update: I had to delete Editra cos it got buggy after I updated to the latest version. It was good while it lasted though. I’m pretty sold on Komodo but am also trying out Vim.

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