Australian Open 2009 Quarterfinals


So we’re down to the final 8 of the men’s and women’s singles tournaments!

I was hoping Verdasco would overcome the great big Tsonga, and he managed to do it! Too bad my family was supporting the wrong guy.

It’s going to be a Spanish semi-final between Nadal and Verdasco. Obviously, I’m with Rafa on this one. He smoked Simon in 3 sets. I’m going to have a look at a replay of that match later tonight. As for the other half of the roster, Roddick and Federer will be battling it out. Shockingly, Djokovic retired because he wasn’t feeling well. It has been a scorching week in Melbourne.

So yeah, Andy and Roger. I’m trembling with excitement, it’s likely to be another Nadal-Federer final. That’s too scary a prospect! Maybe the A-Rod (hehe) will prove to be fitter than Roger. But with all the unpredictability that’s happened, we just don’t know!

Sadly, Dokic lost to Safina in three sets. She did really well getting herself as far as she did on a wild card.


The two semi-final women’s singles matches will be between Zvonareva-Safina and Dementieva-Williams. C’mon Elena,  let’s do this thang!

Photos from the official site.

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