Chris is learning PHP #1

I’ve just finished reading part 1 of a 15-part series of PHP tutorials entitled PHP 101: PHP for the Absolute Beginner and this is what I understood:

PHP tags start with <?php and  end with ?>

The rest went over my head.

Oh and I can assign values. And I get to use the $ sign. I’m not sure why I’d want to though.

Hooboy looks like this will take some time. Ok how ’bout I shoot for comprehension and intermediate statements in 1 year? Ambitious? I think so too. Exactly what makes it a worthwhile endeavour. I’m winking while I’m saying this, uh huh that’s right.

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One Response to Chris is learning PHP #1

  1. jax says:

    yes yes ambitious makes a worthwhile endeavour. i am also learning how to use $ signs!!! it’s hard. hey i’m still blink blinking… but still so cool!!!

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