Chris is learning Dreamweaver #1

You can write on an image on an HTML file! I don’t have to go back to Photoshop and type the text there and save it again! How cool is that!

All I need to remember is to insert this nifty little piece of code where my image is. In this case, it is inside a td valign tag, which is within <tr> tags.


So after a lot of lip-biting trial and erroring, I did this:

<td valign=”top” align=”right” style=”background:url(images/xxxxxxx.gif) top no-repeat; height:39px; padding:10px 15px 0 0″>

And I can write text on the image!!

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2 Responses to Chris is learning Dreamweaver #1

  1. jax says:

    um… blink blink. blink blink. WOO HOO!!!! hihi

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