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The Big…Something

I’m pretty sure I caught this flu-ish type condition from last weekend’s spontaneous pool party crash, which ended up in a lot of cheap rhum and coke fun with half-naked pasty boys, their skanky hoes, good ol’ winamp playlist music … Continue reading

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On having gone off cigarettes

Today marks my 5th smoke-free month. Yay! Woohoo! Bring out the fanfare! Send in the clowns! Give me a cigarette! Hihi just kidding about the clowns. Hehe. Quitting has been both kind of difficult and remarkably easy. I’ve made several … Continue reading

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Maternal instinct?

I had a dream. It was the usual vaguely familiar place and included the usual vaguely familiar characters. Sometimes even I’M vaguely familiar and not quite me, as I know myself. As usual, there was some commotion going on and … Continue reading

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Games and cleaning in June

Holy crap June’s almost over! For no apparent reason, I’ve been staying up a lot this month. For over a week, I felt compelled to play silly videogames, most of which are DOS based. Hehe I love those. The last couple of days have been … Continue reading

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On work and off

I took two days off work. Things had been feeling a little too static for my comfort and I felt suffocated and grey, making me very cranky to select officemates. It’s all good now, I am back to my bouncy cheery … Continue reading

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I just wanted to find my spare trackpoint

Now my room has exploded and grown into this scary abysmal mess. I thought I might have forgotten it in the old bag I used for my laptop. So I hurriedly looked through that. No dice. I pulled out all … Continue reading

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