About SSS and Pag-Ibig contributions

Most Filipino employees forcibly make contributions to these two funds every month. I received my payslip a few days ago but for one reason or another, I only really looked at it yesterday and got curious about these automatic deductions and where they’re going. My older and wiser officemates informed me that if I’m eligible, I can take out loans for things like housing and start-up businesses. I said I didn’t like the idea of borrowing my own money and paying it back with interest but I guess that’s one way the government makes money so that’s not too bad. I was told that I should check my contributions regularly anyway, just to make sure there are no discrepancies in my balance. And I’m like, “What discrepancies??” Apparently some fuckers who work for Pag-Ibig regularly perform searches for inactive members, people who haven’t checked their contribution balance in years and have a lot of funds available to them, well, guess what, these fucking immoral employees get in the database, falsify information and take out loans without any intention of paying them back! And later on, when these unsuspecting contributors finally do need that money, they’ll get one helluva shock when they discover that they took a loan out several years ago and will now have to pay that and the interest that’s accrued over the years! Needless to say, I was horrified! I mean I’ve never thought about those stupid contributions before. I don’t like taking loans out on anything, sometime ago I’ve adopted the philosophy that if I can’t afford it then I probably don’t need it now. While this mindset is kind of changing (because I’m getting smart at finance and all that), I’m still wary about these Pag-Ibig and SSS loans.

Anyway, I got myself in a fit and filed a request for HR to issue me a certificate of these contributions stat! My loan-savvy officemates assured me that I haven’t really been working long enough to be a desirable target, these miserable shits usually go after people who have been working for at least a decade or so. They should be lined up and shot in public! Fuckers!

But anyway, if you work in the Philippines and are enrolled in any of these programs, you might want to get all proactive and check your balance from time to time, just to make sure that things are in order. You don’t want to be 60 and in need of a hip replacement, only to find out that you can’t afford it and will probably die trying to pay the interest off and then leave behind a legacy of debt to your loved ones. SSS is usually online, sss.gov.ph and it’s easy as pie to check your balance there. It would be wise to make copies of those for future reference. Don’t make it so easy for them to steal your hard-earned money.

UPDATE: Because some of you are being complete numbskulls, let me make it clearer here: I do not work for either SSS or Pag-Ibig, don’t ask me for help. In short: I CANNOT PROVIDE YOU INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR FUCKING CONTRIBUTION BALANCES AND LOANS.

The official websites are here:
Pag-Ibig Fund
SSS or even SSS online inquiry

Knock yourselves out.

My 2009 update

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31 Responses to About SSS and Pag-Ibig contributions

  1. i want to know my contibutions as a member of pag-ibig.. thanks you so much.. more power to all the employee, member of pag-ibi.. GODBLESS US..

  2. Erica Penaflorida-Sarmiento says:

    I want to know my contributions as member of pag-ibig from year 2002. Kindly respond to my email address stated above. Greatly appreciate your reply.

    Thank you very much, more power and God bless us!!!

  3. denora pacheco lagrimas says:

    i want to know my contributions as member of pag-ibig from year 2005. Kindly respond to my email address Daz242001@yahoo.com. Your kind reply will be greatly appreciated.

    thank you very much.

  4. chrismiss says:

    Yeah okay I wasn’t going to say anything but obviously you guys DIDN’T read this post. I DON’T work for pag-ibig and never said I did so STOP ASKING ME FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION BALANCES. Call Pag-Ibig yourselves.

  5. xbot sanchez says:

    i want to ask bout my loan…. nah just kidding!
    ei do u know how loaning stuff works? like a house or something?


  6. chrismiss says:

    Nope, I’m sure there are bank/pag-ibig loans people who do.

  7. query says:

    i want to know my contributions as a member of pag ibig from year 1997 til 2007…pls reply me at my email add gravin7772@yahoo.com

    thank you very much….and ill wait for your reply

  8. marie grace basilio says:

    am i ready for a salary loan? pls check my pag ibig contributions from 1997 to 2007…..
    and pls let me know..

    pls reply me

    thnk you very much

  9. jaime calamba puerta jr says:

    hi good afternoon, i just want to know how much my contributions as member of pag-ibig since 2000 til present,kindly reply at my email address jimmanuel192006@yahoo.com.

    thank you so much and more power.

  10. I am a member of pag-ibig since year 1997. I want to know my contribution.kindly reply through my email add: elnananoy@yahoo.com

    Thank you & more power.

  11. Anonymous says:

    sna pag nagbgay ng calamity loan hindi n ibawas ung slsry loan dhil bli wla rin ung clamity loan dhil pag may slsry loan k iba2was wla rin mti2ra.

  12. goog morning sir/madam,

    may i know how much my contribution since june 2005?plz reply to my emal add..

    thank you so much…GOD BLESS!!!

  13. Uncle Che says:

    There are lot of idiots who can’t read simple English. No where does it say that you are connected with Pag-Ibig, what morons.

    Can you check my contributions? hahahahaaha

  14. how much is my sss and pag ibig contributions now?

  15. roumila says:

    is it legal to assume a H&L in a subdiv under Pagibig loan and i will pay to cash and transfer the title right away instead to the owner..?

  16. MaRiE sHeLLa C. DaAg says:

    i wAnt a cOpy oF my cOntribUtiOn.. PleasE sEnt it iN mY emAiL aDd,, immEdiatELy pLeAse.. thAnk you,,

  17. cindy says:

    hey pag ibig wats up!@!!!!!!dami nang reklamo sau!!pero until now wala ka parin
    corrective action na ginagawa!!umayos kayo!!!pera namin ang naka salalay dito!!!!

  18. catherine says:

    plsss send to me my contribution status in my email add.asap.

  19. catherine manio says:

    i would like to confirm if my pag ibig contribution in cavite branch are already transferred here in pampanga branch [san fernando].

    highly appreciate your immediate response….

    catherine manio

  20. ronald penafiel says:

    pls. send me a copy of my contributions especially in my previous work. pls send it at # 805 mampulog, Bitas, Cabanatuan city.. hope to hear from you ASAP…….tnx

  21. jax says:

    HOLY. COW. this is insane, i swear if this isn’t a testament to the need for better education in our beloved country i don’t know what is…

    more power, right on uncle che!!!

    chrismiss, perhaps if you changed the title of your post?

    and can you tell me how much my pag-ibig contribution is? you know the email address.

  22. Jerom says:

    i want to know my father contributions as member of pag-ibig from year 1981. Kindly respond to my email address h.jerom@yahoo.com. Your kind reply will be greatly appreciated.

    thank you very much.

  23. Chatty says:

    I want to to know my contribution from 1998 to present. If there any update please respond to my email. chat_caliguiran10@ yahoo.com

    Since from then i don’t have my number in PAG-IBIG, what i have lang is my SSS. heres my number as your reference. 33-6274627-4

    Thank so much

  24. how can i know my contributions, and my pagibig number.?kindly responc in my friend e mail add. thank you

  25. rodel pavia says:

    sir can you please inform my company which im working now for my sss account number, cos they are not remmiting in my account, thank you. my company is top serve manpower services

  26. fatima ruazol says:

    i would like to know if im eligible for a housing loan…Ive been working for almost 2 1/2 years now …pls email info as soon as possible…thanks you

  27. arlyn says:

    good day po…i want to know where can i have online inquiry for my pag-ibig contribution? kasi in 1 month 2 times nag deduct sa aking salary. please feedback to me. thanks,

  28. Anonymous says:


  29. Ruby says:

    good day!
    I want to know my contribution from 2003 to 2007 and have a copy of it.Kindly send it to my email ad :rubyjane7@yahoo.com .Thank you

  30. ryan d. labrador says:

    Good day…

    I would like to know if im eligible for a milti purpose loan (MPL). i’ve been working for almost three (3) years now. Pls. email soon as posible… thank you very much

  31. Bing says:

    plsss send to me my contribution status in my email . Thanks

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